Saturday, November 26, 2005


GO DAWGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MSU just won their first SEC game this season over our in-state rivals, old miss. 35-14 + as an added bonus, old miss is in last place and not us!!! Our team was like a brand new team out on the field everything went their way. We had 4 interceptions - 3 caught by the same player. We had a player go back to back 1000 yard seasons (although, you wouldn't know it by our record lately) and that same player rushed for 204 yds in today's game! Way to go Jerious!
It was awesome to see the stands remain full and for awhile there, I thought we were back in one of our winning seasons as the stadium rocked and was extremely noisy. I think if the fans would do that every game, we might be able to win more games. I believe that most of our fans are fickle and will only support the team when they are winning and there aren't enough of us die-hards out there to pick up the slack and push the team through.
Anyway, they'll be partying going on throughout Starkville tonight I expect!

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