Saturday, October 29, 2005


Well, today's football game will give the first SEC win to one of the teams (hope its mine). Today's game is between MSU BullDawgs and Kentucky Wildcats - GO DAWGS!!!! Both teams are sportin losin records and neither have won an SEC game yet this year. My team has 3 games to go in the season and all are SEC. After today we have Alabama, a week off, Arkansas (at Ark), then Thanksgiving weekend we play the Egg Bowl with old Miss. The Egg Bowl isn't really a bowl game, its just the game against our main rival to the north of us. As they say, the first sign of intelligence in Oxford (ole miss) is the road sign that says Starkville (MSU) 95 mi. :)


Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm in tv heaven *spoiler*

Walker Texas Ranger returned tonight in a 2 hour movie bringing together most of the original cast of the original series! This movie showed Walker and Gage up against Koreans trying to retrieve a missile guidance system that has fallen into the hands of a 13 year old. Trevette is off teaching CIA recruits, so his appearance in the movie is all of 2 minutes. Syd is totally not in the picture and Alex is in it off and on. Speaking of Alex, Is she dead?? I mean, cliffhangers in the tv series is one thing but to do it in a movie??? I sure hope the rumours are true and that there is at least going to be another movie to tell us whether Alex dies and leaves Walker to be a widower with a child or whether she lives to tell the tale (another quarter inch and I'd be a goner). Their daughter was in the movie about 5 min and then wasn't shown again. This movie was great but is it just me or is Walker starting to show his age a bit? He gets his butt kicked and actually uses his gun on a couple of occassions to shoot a bad guy rather then beat him to a pulp - guess we have to cut him some slack, he is 65 years old, after all.... The other rumour on the net is that they are considering bringing the series back to the tv screen - I say WE WANT WALKER!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hold on wait a minute gotta put some Dawg in it??

Don't know about that - I think the game against Fla in the Swamp this past weekend had more heart in it then Dawg! My poor Dawgs have lost yet again to their third ranked opponent this year and thankfully, we finally get a week off! The score this week was 35-9. This game started off as a tennis match as we intercepted a pass and then 2 plays later, they intercepted it right back. We were both tied in the first quarter 3 all. And then it started. Who out there has ever heard of a game having 2 safeties and a blocked punt?? Well, you have now. MSU got hit with 2 safeties and a blocked punt AND our quarterback (Omarr Connor) went out in the 2nd quarter with a bruised sternum! I think after the first safety, all momentum went to Fla and stayed there the rest of the game. While we played a bad game, we stuck in there and kept pluggin away - playin with heart more then skill. I think the best play of the game for the Dawgs came in the 4th quarter when Jerious Norwood was able to wiggle his way 76 yards for our only touchdown of the game! And talk about an observant coach! Croom caught a missed call in the 2nd quarter and challenged it and won! The call was this - a Fla player was knocked out on the 1 yard line and Fla retained the ball BUT as he was knocked out, the ball came loose and hit the pylon meaning MSU got the ball!
Well, like I said, next week we have the week off and then we have homcoming against Houston. I hope we can win that game so maybe the guys will get a little more confidence. Our schedule doesn't get any easier - we still have Alabama (undefeated), Arkansas, Kentucky, and old miss to play.

Monday, October 03, 2005

sad times in Dawgville

Well durn it!! My Dawgs just continue to slide backwards - they take a step forward and show promise and then they take 3 steps back and show lack of discipline. I'll be very very glad when the players finally decide what they truly want! We lost to LSU big time - 37-7! This was not a close game, not like the Ga game. And guess what?? It only gets worse! We go to the Swamp this weekend and take on the Fla Gators and they are extremely hungry for revenge - we beat them last year here at home.... What's up with the NCAA - are they out for our blood?? I mean, c'mon folks - 3 top 10 teams back to back, what else can that mean??? :) I'm just glad the Jerious Norwood and Omarr Conner weren't hurt seriously in the last game and that they're injuries were minor cause we sure need those guys healthy.