Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Time again

It's that time again...Steelers - Packers in the Super Bowl. GOOO Steelers!!!

Read and Share: Stories about Jesus - Thomas Nelson

Written by Gwen Ellis and ill. by Steve Smallman. This board book is perfect for little ones to enjoy listening to Bible stories. They might even enjoy the illustrations but I think Steve Smallman needs a lot of work as far as the illustrations for this book is concerned. In my opinion, it took away from the book - I kept focusing on the ridiculous illustrations and not as much on the text. The illustrations would be ok except for 1 BIG thing and that's the noses he put on everyone's faces. I know, this is a minor thing but when you see it, you'll see what I mean about it being distracting. The noses are HUGE! Some look like clown noses, some look like carrots sticking out, not sure how to describe the others. Perhaps kids will enjoy it and this book is, however, for kids.
The text was well done - it gives a title for each short story, the Bible passage the story is from, and a very short story based on that passage that kids will understand. At the end of each story is a thought/question - example: at the end of Jesus brings a girl back to life is the thought: When we ask God for something, sometimes He says yes, and sometimes He says no. The most important thing is that He always hears us and does what is best for us.
Overall this is a good book for kids!
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