Saturday, August 29, 2009

Its Football time!!

Go Dawgs!! First up for the Dawgs is Jackson State from Ms. This will be the first game for new head coach Dan Mullen and the spread offense. Be sure you wear Maroon for the first game and let's Go BullDawgs!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thomas Nelson - Rick and Bubba's guide to the almost nearly perfect marriage

As usual, Rick and Bubba have added much humor to their current subject, marriage. They share many stories from their married lives. Stories such as having a date night and trying to get a hotel room in the town they live in only to have everyone recognize them from the show. Or attending a Presidential speech with the wives and not hearing much of the speech due to focusing on their wives. Or when Rick rented a van to take the family on vacation and Sherri ran it into a wall at the grocery store, thus giving him the best vacation ever because he could hold the leverage of the van over her head. Lest you think the guys can't be serious, they can. They also talk about how marriage needs respect, communication, and unconditional love to last and that the only true guide for a perfect marriage is the Bible. They also discuss ignoring those who try to hurt your marriage by talking bad about your spouse, don't join in with them and start gossiping or your marriage may end up torn apart. As Rick says towards the end "Surviving each challenge that life brings and getting through it together", that's what marriage is all about.
In typical Rick and Bubba fashion, they can't end on a serious note and thus have included, the Book of blame. A teaser - If you hit a pothole in the road, it's your husbands fault. He should have warned you about it...on the cell phone...from his office. Want to know more? You'll just have to read the book yourself!
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