Monday, November 07, 2005

A bit behind

Ok, ok. I never got around to posting after the Kentucky game and with good reason. I had a bit of an accident at a local store (name intentionally withheld to save their face). It involved me sliding thru someone's not to recent vomit (yuck!) and landing squarely on my knee. I have a bruised nerve in the knee and it can be painful - even when hit by just my dog's waggin tail! Anyway, I have absolutely nothing good to say about the team after the Ky game so I won't - they sucked!
HOWEVER, in spite of the loss, I have to commend my Dawgs on a game well played against Alabama. The score was 17-0 (sounds worse then it was) and Ala only scored 1 offensive field goal. The other 14 points came due to turnovers from us that their special teams and defense capitalized on. Our defense played very, very well against a team that is SUPPOSED to be so good since they are undefeated. Personally, I think they should have dropped in the polls since they suxed so badly against a team that's only won 2 games this season! I'm glad they didn't go up in the polls - although it would be kinda cool to see an SEC team go undefeated again as Auburn did last year. The last time they were in the state (3 weeks ago), they barely escaped with their record intact as that other university to the north of us kept up with them and Alabama won by a field goal with just 3 seconds left in the game.
We have this week off and then travel to Little Rock to play at Arkansas and then home for the annual 'Egg Bowl' with old miss. All is forgiven if we beat our in-state rival!
This coming week-end, our basketball season gets started and it ought to be interesting to see how we do as we have NO starters returning from last year and have mostly freshman on the team. The joke is, we'll have to wait till baseball season to see a team with a winning record!

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