Monday, January 17, 2011

Nelson's Biblical Cyclopedic Index - Thomas Nelson

Book starts off with a how-to guide with examples and a list of all the words used in the Word Studies.
This index contains: concordance, topical index, and other study aids. There are 300 word studies that are highlighted with a grey box saying Word Study - it takes a word and studies it closer, giving scripture reference, definitions, and examples of word usage. One example is: Covenant, berith (ber-eeth). The "covenant," berith, in the OT is a noun that can describe a treaty or alliace between equals or heads of state. (much more info for this word)
There are 8000 subjects, names, places, things, concepts, events, doctrines all listed in alphabetical order, each with see also references and sub-categories. The scripture references are in Biblcal order. For example: Levites - descendants of Levi. A. History of: B. Duties of: C. Spiritual truths illustrated by: (various scriptures under each) See also Priest.
All in all, a handy little book to study with - like the cover says, Best Bible Subject Index Ever (well, maybe not ever).
Got this book as part of the Thomas Nelson Book-Sneeze Book Review Program