Sunday, October 17, 2010


It has to be said GOOOO DAWGS GOOO!!!!! Ranked #24 and 5-2!! Dare I say it?? We have a chance to be bowl bound this season!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Noxubee Refuge video I created

Outlive your life - Max Lucado

If you haven't already guessed, I love Max Lucado's books! I have found no reason to disagree with what he says and this book is no exception! This book is based on various portions of the book of Acts.
God can use anyone, anytime, anywhere to do great things! One example of this is His disciples: they started out as lowly fishermen and God called them to be Fishers of men, proclaiming Him to the peoples! "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called." He doesn't just use ministers to preach to others, He uses average people. You don't only preach by standing in front of a group reading some notes about a scripture passage. As St. Francis of Assisi said "Preach the gospel always and if necessary, use words." Also, remember that He doesn't give us what we deserve (punishment/eternity in Hell) but that He sent His Son to die for us on the cross. That alone should make us want to tell everyone about Him!
Remember to that no one can do everything but together, everyone can do something. That's what makes a church, not 1 person preaching but everyone together worshipping and praying and ministering to each other. Show compassion to everyone, in church and out. Take time to remember who is control of it all - NOT US!!!
Don't just know people by name, really know each other intimately. Change begins with a genuine look, not just a quick glance, but really look at someone. Seeing the surface isn't always truthful - you might have to dig a bit to find out what's really troubling someone or what they need/desire.
"Imitate the disciples - devour God's word and get to know Him and talk to Him". The courage to stand for Christ comes from knowing Him and thinking/trusting on His words. If you face adversity, PRAY WITHOUT CEASING! CLING TO HIS PROMISES! What was one of the last things Jesus did before dying on the cross? He prayed and begged that if it was the will of His Father, the cup of death would be taken from Him. Jesus PRAYED and so should we!
At the end of the book is a discussion and action guide prepared by David Drury. Each chapter of the guide includes discussion questions and ideas for action to make a difference.
I got the ebook free as part of the BookSneeze program - Thomas Nelson publishers

The King's Christmas list - Booksneeze Blogger Review

King's Christmas list by Eldon Johnson and illustrated by Bonnie Leick. This kids book will help teach little ones about giving to others. The story starts off with Emma being invited to a Christmas celebration of the King's birthday and she decides she must take a gift with her. As the story progresses, she helps out people she meets along the way, such sharing her toys or her coat with strangers in need. In the end, she learns that Jesus wants us to give from our heart and not out of Do I have to?? Whatever we do to the least of these, we do unto Him! After the story, is a short blurb about giving and encouraging us to visit to give gifts through various charties (such as World Vision).
I got this book free thru the Booksneeze Review program, Thomas Nelson Publishers.