Saturday, September 30, 2006

LSU loss

We lost to LSU at LSU but we scored more points then we have this season. Final score is 48 - 17. There was a lightining delay for about 45 min. and I didn't get to finish watching the game as WCBI had to switch over to the Alabama game - I just don't understand that but oh well. We got our penalties under control again, so that's good. Next week is a home game against #4 West Virginia - GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I hope that we can carry the momentum of our first win this season and our first road win in over 15 road games with us to LSU this weekend. We'll definitely need every ounce of that momentum to help us thru this game. LSU is always tough but especially at LSU.
For some reason, this season we don't have an off week until Nov. - quite a few teams have already experienced off weeks and yet we have to struggle on without a break till Nov. and by then, the season is nearly over. That makes no sense to me, especially in light of the tough schedule we have this year. Our first 2 games were SEC games (S.C. and Auburn) and then 2 non-conference (Tulane and UAB) and then to LSU at LSU and then home to play West Virginia. We'll also play Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Jacksonville State (non-conference) and of course, our in-state rivals old miss. That's 8 SEC games out of a possible 11 (there's 12 total teams including us) and the SEC is known for being the toughest conference to play. Who can argue that we have a tough schedule and one without a break until Nov. 11? At that point we'll have just 2 games left, Arkansas and old miss.
I must say something about 1 other game - what on earth happened to Alabama and their kicking game? They got beat by Arkansas by 1 point!! What's up with that??

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Yeah! Beat uab at uab 16-10 in ot!


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh sooooooo close

Tulane beat MSU by a field goal yesterday. Coach Croom FINALLY decided to put Omarr Connor into the game late in the 2nd quarter. First throw Omarr makes, first down. MSU scored their first points of the season in the 3rd quarter making the score 14-7 and hope at last. But Tulane scored 18 unanswered points and looked to beat the Dawgs soundly but it was not to be. The BullDogs led by Omarr scored 22 points in the 4th quarter and tried an onside kick but it was recovered by Tulane and that ended the hope of a win for MSU. Croom has said he will stick with Omarr as QB but I hope he plays Trey Rutland occassionally as that is the only way he'll get experience as top dog on the field. He may yet prove to be a decent QB but right now, he has to learn to trust his blockers and not run away from the opposing team when they come at him but to get rid of the ball or be tackled right there vs 20 yds behind him as he runs away. One of his last plays yesterday - he was in the pocket and it was a solid pocket but he left and ran behind him a few yards and was sacked. At that point the fans started booing - something I DON'T agree with at all. But in this case, it apparently got the coaches attention as Omarr was finally put in the game at QB. We'll see if this works next week as we go on our first road game to UAB. GO DAWGS!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Another game is in the books for MSU. Auburn 34 - MSU 0 - our stats were the same as against South Carolina, 11 first downs, same rushing yards, same passing yards, same score. How weird is that!!! We play Tulane this coming Saturday - Go Dawgs!
How about some of the other games? Tn. barely squeaked by Air Force 31-30 and only because the Air Force coach decided to go for 2 points (and failed) rather then the PAT at the end of the game. Georgia had a tough time against South Carolina (score doesn't tell) and won 18-0. What about Alabama? WoW! Just barely beat Vandy in the final minutes by a field goal - Bama 13 - Vandy 10. And my favorite, old miss got shredded by Missouri 34-7. Awesome! LSU, Florida, and Kentucky won their games.
Once again, the loyal BullDawg fans left the game with a full quarter to go - guess they wanted to let the few people without tickets have their seats to watch a little football!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Anna-Beth and Christopher

chris3, originally uploaded by tkdgirlms.

Christopher Massey was at the MSU - Auburn game today and Anna-Beth was able to get her picture with him as well as get him to autograph her ticket. Christopher plays Michael on Nickelodeon's Zoe 101!

Anna-Beth and Kyle

kyle3, originally uploaded by tkdgirlms.

Kyle Massey was at the MSU - Auburn game today and Anna-Beth was able to get her picture taken with him and get him to autograph her ticket. Kyle plays Cory on Disney's That's so Raven!


Well, losing another game and the mass exodus of devoted bulldog faithful has begun with one quarter left!


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Monday, September 04, 2006

More football

Ok, can you tell what I really like blogging about?? :) Auburn comes knocking on our door this Sat at 11:30 and the game is on tv again - Jefferson Pilot, I think. I know the first game of the season is the one where all the kinks are worked out but is it me or did Auburn look like they were lacking something on Saturday? They are predicted to be at the top of the polls but they struggled for most of their game and it wasn't really until halfway thru the 3rd quarter that things started working for them. I didn't really see a nationally ranked team playing there but who knows, maybe now that they got some of the kinks worked out, they'll go on to better things.
Tennessee looked pretty good as did Georgia. Kentucky got whuped good and, no surprise here, Vandy lost their game. Alabama played and beat Hawaii. The shocker came from Colorado - they got beat by a 1AA team, Montana State - what's up with that??
What do you think of the new clock rule? The clock starts running as soon as the ball is set, supposedly making the game move along at a quicker pace. I don't know what to think - here's what ESPN's Ivan Maisel says "Starting the clock at the "ready" signal is costing us some football, and that's not right. The difference in average number of plays is noticeable. Judging by opening week, NCAA records -- game, season, career, individual, team, you name it -- are much safer than they've been in years."

Football field

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Go DAWGS!!!!