Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big day????? Hmmmm....

Well, my first day back to TKD was alright but far from satisfying. I was able to do a few kicks in the beginning class but mostly just helped out. I figured I'd be able to do more stuff in my class (advanced) but I was wrong. No one showed up! The instructor was there, I was there, and 1 other person was there...that was it! Nada,, we didn't have class. Frustrating, especially since I won't go to TKD every time its offered right now. I'm having to do a lot of hauling of trash and books at one of our branch libraries and feel that on days I do a lot of that, I should skip TKD so that I don't overdo it. Oh starts this weekend - GO DAWGS!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big day

I finally get to start back with taekwondo tomorrow nite! I'm all done with physical therapy for my knee but will have some home exercises to do to continue the healing process. I still have a ways to go as I can't run very well yet (learned that this weekend trying to chase my nieces around).
This coming weekend is the start of FOOTBALL season - Mississippi State Style!! GO DAWGS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008


The knee is healing very well and faster then it did after surgery 8 years ago! Hopefully it won't be long till I can get back to my martial arts. I'm sooooo restless and ready to kick butt!!