Sunday, September 25, 2005

what a weekend!

Well, my beloved Dawgs lost to Ga BUT it was a good game, their best game thus far! The score shows it this time - 23-10 (oh yeah, Ga is ranked 5th or 6th in the nation so I reckon we hung with them pretty good). LSU comes knocking on our door this coming weekend so I hope our good playing continues and improves. I think in the next year or so we'll be really good - right now we are just so young and inexperienced!
Well today was eventful, what's left of Hurricane Rita came marching thru here spawning tornados all over the place. This afternoon, nearly every 45 min or so the sirens would go off alerting residents to possible tornados. One actually touched down and did some damage on the campus of MSU.
Well, I'm off to bed - hope I don't get blown away!! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005


well, it looks like a co-worker and I were predicting correctly. In my last post I mentioned that Rita was heading in the direction of Galveston/Houston - I didn't believe that that was where it would hit but that's what the 'experts' were saying. My friend and I predicted that it would hit along the Tx-La state line and guess what? that's the area its heading now. It will be a terrible thing to hit anywhere but at least perhaps it won't be so bad for such a huge city like Houston since they are likely to know be on the 'clean' side of the hurricane. However, poor New Orleans is on the 'dirty' side of the hurricane and depending on where it actually makes landfall, could have massive amounts of wind and rain or just a lot of rain (hopefully not more then 6 inches or the levees might flood the entire city, including areas not flooded before).
As if the storm weren't bad enough, the roads leaving Houston are backed up so far.... Here's what 1 person said about this "This is the worst planning I've ever seen," said Judie Anderson, who covered just 45 miles in 12 hours after setting out from her home in the Houston suburb of LaPorte. "They say we've learned a lot from Hurricane Katrina. Well, you couldn't prove it by me." I can't imagine going just 45 miles in 12 hours - WoW!!! That's slow movement!

Red Cross needs your help!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

3rd strongest

Oh My!! Hurricane Rita has just become the 3rd strongest storm ever in the Atlantic Ocean, at 898 mb. It has now passed Katrina by on this list but still, think about this, we've now seen 2 of the strongest hurricanes ever in just under a month!! And folks, we still have just over 2 months to go for the current hurricane season! At this point, it looks like Rita will hit Tx in the Galveston/Houston area but its still to early to know 100% for sure that that's where it will hit. What do you think - would it be better if it hit the recently hit coasts where there's not much left to damage or should it hit some other area (ie Galveston)? I know, we can't control where it would hit - just wonder about the opinions out there!

Please Please donate to the Red Cross, they will need more support now with Rita out there!!

Monday, September 19, 2005


Can you believe it?? Another storm is heading to the Gulf Coast region and could be a hurricane! Right now it looks like it will hit Texas but also in the predictions is La. - Yikes! As if Katrina wasn't enough, now they have to watch Rita!

Please donate to the American Red Cross today!

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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Well, as I said earlier, the football game with Tulane was a tough one. Neither team scored until the 3rd quarter. My Dawgs then scored 14 points! Tulane would soon answer back and a battle ensued. My Dawgs came out on top and won the game 21-14! Tulane played very, very well considering their circumstances. They have had to practice on high school fields and haven't had the chance to scrimmage a whole lot. They have nothing to be ashamed of at all! GO GREEN WAVES!!! I hope you do very well the rest of your season!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Ok, I'm working on building a computer (first one in awhile) and am quite shocked at what I found on the inside - they are now color coding cables. Well, at least the cable for the primary IDE - as if I didn't know where on the mother board it went, its now color coded to help jog my memory! Wow! What's next? Color coded memory chips? Or how about each power cord colored to go only and I mean only on the correct color on the corresponding drive/etc - so, that we'll be up the creek without a paddle if we don't buy all our parts at the same time so that they are color co-ordinated! :)

don't forget to donate to the Red Cross and help out the Hurricane Katrina victims!

football 2

Well, my Dawgs didn't do so well against Auburn. As a matter of fact, I think they forgot to take the team with them to Auburn and just randomly picked some fans out of the stands to play. Well, maybe things weren't quite that bad but still, they were close enough. Read in the paper today that Coach Croom was so upset over the penalties, that in order to encourage less penalties, he's going to start limiting game time in some form for those who committ the penalty. I guess this will be one way to wake them up and get them out of the rut they've dug themselves into.
Our game this weekend will be the toughest one all season - its against Tulane and we all know what they've suffered. I can't imagine the emotions going into that game! Those Tulane players are going to be quite aggressive and they will have somewhat of a home-field advantage. The game will be played in Shreveport rather then the usual location of the Super Dome. There are many displaced people from New Orleans located in Shreveport who will be at this game.
Go Dawgs!

please donate to the American Red Cross for the continued relief of Hurricane Katrina victims!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Well, my new little niece recently turned 2 months old! Its hard to imagine me as an aunt but I am! :) Here's some pics of the little tyke and some of her relatives - Naomi


Well, here it is 2 days before the start of the MSU BullDawgs football season and I should be excited, right?? I can't help but think about all the college football players whose families have been thru vicious Katrina this past week and how we expect them to get out on the field and give 110% for our enjoyment. If it were up to me, I'd postpone football season by at least 2 weeks to give these students a chance to make sure their families are safe and settled somewhat until such time that they can go home again and begin rebuilding. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge football fan, especially of my hometown Ms State Bulldogs and I'll be out there cheering them on but I think this would have been the right thing to do. Sadly, its not up to me! :)

Please contact your local Red Cross office and donate money to help out the Hurricane Victims!