Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Same kind of different as me

This book is written by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.
Denver is a man who grew up virtually a slave in modern times. As a youngster, his family share-cropped for the Man. He soon tired of his life and decided to hop a train and find a better life for himself. What he found instead was life on the streets in Fort Worth, Tx. He was a hard man who others on the street feared/respected. Who knew he would make friends with a rich, white guy and his wife. And eventually he learned "you got to get the devil out the house 'fore you can clean it up!"
How do two men from opposite ends of the spectrum form a tight and long-lasting friendship? First and foremost, God! And a little prodding from Ron's wife, Debbie. Ron and Debbie served at a local mission to help the homeless and she told Ron that in a dream, God showed her a man who would make big changes and that the man was Denver Moore, a local homeless man who visited the mission. She encouraged Ron to get to know him and over time, they slowly built a close friendship.
Throughout this book, you can see threads woven by God leading them to each other. The central theme of the book is to show God is in control of everything and nothing just happens, He has a plan for it all.
You'll have to read the book to really see what events unfolded and how they all led to one conclusion: pain and love.
I got this book as part of Thomas Nelson's book- sneeze blogger (http://booksneeze.com)

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