Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Day in the SEC

Wow! What a day yesterday was for SEC teams - upsets galore! We saw Alabama lose their first game this season to LSU (who they have always had trouble beating). We saw Florida get beat by South Carolina - Wow and I thought Carolina was on a losing track this season but it appears they have improved dramatically. We also saw Georgia (my favorite team in the SEC east) get beat by Auburn by 1 lousy point. I would not have placed my hopes on Auburn beating Georgia but they did. Oh, and it looks like Georgia will still make it to the SEC championship game thanks to SC beating Florida. In the West, its still open but LSU is favored to go to the championship game. Looks like old Miss's hopes for a bowl game invite flew out the window as Arkansas beat them. My Dawgs had an off week this week but we travel to play Arkansas next week followed by old Miss the following week. Vandy had a close one yesterday with Ky. I was really rooting for Vandy this year as they have had many, many bad season lately and started off this season on a hot streak but I don't think they'll make it to a bowl game this year. What has happened to Tenn. this year? They have a losing record right now and they were predicted to go the SEC championship game at the beginning of the season? Is it time for Fulmer to take his leave? Well, I reckon I'll take my leave for now!

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