Sunday, November 20, 2005

Arkansas game

Well, I drove 5 1/2 hrs to watch my BullDawgs play and then lose to the Arkansas Razorbacks. I was not impressed with the stadium in Little Rock at all - it wasn't much more then a built up high school field and wasn't much different then our biggest rival to the north's stadium before they built their's up. But we had fun while it lasted! The Razorbacks started the game super hot - scoring their first 14 points in under 5 min. We just couldn't do anything - our defense was working but not accomplishing much of anything and our offense couldn't get past the 30 yard line. That first quarter was the first time ever that I just felt like leaving the game and driving back home - usually I don't want to leave but it just got to be too much yesterday. But once I got into the game (and believe, my throat is still sore) it became a more enjoyable game. I was GREATLY disturbed (and I'm not the only one) by the fact that our cheerleaders did nothing - just stood around trying to look cute. When they were finally coaxed into doing something, the Dawgs scored a touchdown - coincidence?? Maybe not - the players can hear the cheering and when there is none, may feel that everyone has truly given up on them and why should they keep trying. And what is up with the fans who come to the game and then proceed to talk smack about the players and coaches on the team? I find it hard to believe that you're a fan if you're going to spend the ENTIRE game talking bad about our team and calling them all a bunch of losers and moaning for the old coach to be back cause things haven't been the same...Come on, just don't waste your money and my time by coming to the game.
I'm just sad as I think that this coming Sat. game is our last one for the season and that other then watching bowl games on tv, I won't have football to watch till next season. :(
I had only driven thru 1 small portion of Ark. years ago and was surprised as I drove yesterday to find that there is nothing at all in this section of Ark. I mean once we left Memphis, that was it until we got to Little Rock. There might have been a small town or 2 but all we ever saw were a couple of exit signs, no sign of life anywhere.
Well, I'll stop ranting now and get on with better things - next week's game is against our rival Ole Miss and all will be alright if we beat them!

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