Saturday, October 28, 2006

Argh!!! Not again!

Got mauled by the Wildcats 34-31 today in a duel to the end. Ky pulled an interesting ending outta their hat, never seen anything like it. There's 2 1/2 min to go in the game and Ky used it all for just 4 downs. First down - players stand with their backs to the Dawgs when another Ky player runs on the field and the yellow flag flies, 5 yd. penalty for illegal substition. Second down - they just kneel the ball. Third down - they run sideways but don't go out of bounds. Fourth down - another run that runs the clock down. The timekeeper did a crappy job keeping time at the end, cause there were 15 - 20 seconds of time the clock was running and it shouldn't have been. Oh well! Guess Ky was just scared of us and that's why they played the end like they did. Our QB out played theirs in the passing game! And what a long game it was - 3 1/2 hours! The first quarter went on for 50 min!! WoW!
heehee, old miss got beat again (although barely, 6 points between them and Auburn)!! WooHoo! Fla. barely beat Ga by a touchdown and Ala. won 38-3 over Florida International, the team that had so many players suspended due to a big fight with Miami.
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

WoW! What a game!

SOOOOOOOOOO close - Georgia beats us by 3 points, 27-24. What a game we played!! Awesome! We had 4 picks in the game, they had 2. We pretty much dominated the whole game, but especially the first half. We just didn't capitalize early in the game on the turnovers and that hurt in the long run. We played what sounded like our best game this season! Good job and GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heehee, old miss got spanked by Arkansas 38-3 today - soooy!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Story-hour at the library this past week was on the Civil War. I know, kinda odd for little ones but we are in the midst of a month long series of programs on the Civil war at the library and so the children joined in the fun. To get things started, the children's librarian asked the kids which football team plays in Starkville and of course they all knew the answer to that one, BULLDAWGS!! Then she asked who their rival was, who the team was they played last every year. Lots of blank stares. So she says ole miss.... One little girl piped up, McDonalds! Yep, there you have it, we play the ole miss mcdonalds! She either was hungry or likes the song old mcdonald.... I don't know about you, but thinking about it makes me hungry :)
Her point to this was that we play the ole miss Rebels and that's what she was starting story-hour talking about, Confederate Rebels.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

MSU video

Highlights of 25 years of football including 1 of my favorites, Snow Bowl (I was there) - GO DAWGS!!

At last!

WoW! Where did this team come from?? MSU 35 - Jacksonville State 3! I know, everyone should be able to beat Jacksonville State but considering our team....they beat us last year so its nice to be able to beat them again! It was homecoming (how I hate homecoming) so that made it nice! We had a crazy guy sittin in front of us that called me a rebel fan - I said he was goin down for that blasphemy!! I am NOT nor ever have been an old miss rebel fan! BITE YOUR FRIGGIN TONGUE!!! I'm just in shock - where did that offensive line come from?? I've not seen them protect the QB as well as they did today. I know Croom told them he'd rather have holding calls then have a hand laid on our QB (we're hurtin in that area right now) but WoW! what a great job they did today!! How about the start of the game? A pick and run in for a touchdown when the game was just about 20 sec. into the first quarter!! I hope we can do as well against Georgia next week at Georgia.
And speaking of Georgia - WHAT HAPPENED??? I mean to get beat by Vandy??? and at home?? Wow! They've lost 2 games in a row now - first Tenn. and now Vandy, they'll be out for revenge next week when we march into town. Looks like they'll fall in the polls, perhaps out of the polls. How about Arkansas? They're 1 spot behind Ga in the polls and they won so they'll probably go up some in the polls. I never would have guess Arkansas to have a good season like they are having so far!
Alabama and old miss are in a battle right now with about 3 min to go and they're tied!


Oh yeah! A win at home!!


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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another loss in the books

Well, we hung in there with the #4 team in the nation for the first 3 or so quarters but then the turnovers caught up with us. We also used 4 QBs in this game - Omaar Conner started the game and went 3 quarters before being injured (groin) and then our season starting QB was put in - Michael Henig is back. Once the game got out of control, they pulled him to keep him from getting injured and put Trey Rutland in. Trey's first or second play (that is still being debated (Andrew!!)), he was injured (knee) and it went to 4th string QB, Ty Evans. Yes, you read that right - 4th string! Can we be anymore unlucky?? This week the ball will likely be in the hands of Michael Henig and Ty Evans - yikes!!
Anyway, back to the game. This was perhaps my favorite game this season, including our dramatic 20+ point comeback led by Omaar against Tulane. This game was well played for most of it but the turnovers finally caught up with us. The score at the half was 14-7 - and this is the #4 team in the nation?? They didn't actually begin blowing us out until the 4th quarter and yet they managed to move up in the polls this week, uh?? Something is definitely wrong with the polls if they get rewarded for beating us soundly in the 4th quarter. The score in the 3rd quarter was 21-14 and we were threatening. They picked us off in the end-zone and started their own drive. Once the 4th quarter arrived, they scored 21 points and whipped us soundly. For a team that is supposed to be so good, how come they played so poorly? Even their coach is disappointed in their performance - "I'm disappointed in the way we played football, disgusted with the penalties and not very happy right now," Rodriguez said.
They got 11 penalties for 132 yards vs. our 4 for 45. They helped us a lot but sadly we could do nothing with it. We even had time of possession in our favor and still were unsuccessful.
I hope to see us win 2 more games so that at least we'll have a 3rd 3 win season on record - some say we have a chance of winning 4 more games (Alabama, Jacksonville State, Kentucky, and old miss) - I can see 2 or 3 wins but it will be tough. Alabama and old miss are both road games and old miss anytime, anywhere is a hard team to play. And our rivalry is over 100 years old now and that's the game where all records go out the window, all bad plays are gone - its a way to start over. No matter how poorly each team plays during the year, all bets are off and good playing is the name of the game.
There are a lot of Croom haters out there and they make more noise then his supporters. I for one am a Croom Supporter and hope he sticks around for a long time. Our team was in shambles once Sherrill finally left and we've been penalized for all his illegal doings. I think in a couple of years, we'll be ok. Maybe not a powerhouse like some of the other SEC teams but not in the 'doghouse' like we are now.
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!
what happened to georgia???wow!