Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Time!

Football season is upon us! 1 week till my BullDawgs play Jackson State at MSU!! Cannot wait to see what we do this year but it's another tough schedule for us. We seem to have the toughest schedule in the SEC year after year but it's all fun! GO DAWGS!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grant by Mitchell Yockelson

This is a short biography on the life of Grant, focusing mainly on his education and military career. It is a part of a series, The generals, published by Thomas Nelson. While this is a just a short overview about Grant, it is very well written and gives the reader a chance to learn a lot about Grant. One thing that I didn't realize, between the Mexican War and the Civil War, Grant had left the military. After the Mexican War, Grant married Julia Dent and they had a son. A year after the first child was born, Julia discovered she was pregnant and Grant had orders to ship out to California, so Julia stayed behind. Grant missed his family so much, that he resigned from the military and tried to make it as a civilian (he had little success). When the Civil War broke out, he tried to re-enlist but was denied due to a supposed drinking problem he had developed in California. Finally, with the help of his friends, he was enlisted in the army and given the rank of Col. of the 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry.
There's other such little known facts throughout this book along with a good generalization of his military history. It gives a very, very brief look at his presidency but the book is focused mainly on the military. Interspersed throughout are pictures of Grant, his family, and several of his military generals and friends - on a personal note, a lot of these pictures and some of the info came from the Grant Papers Collection at the local university here, Ms State University.
I got this book thru the Book-Sneeze blogger program of Thomas Nelson.