Friday, December 12, 2008

Big Moon

Took a few pics of the moon tonite and its being used as part of a slide show accompanying an online article. You can always tell which pics are mine as I like having the date show. Here's the link: Moon

New things

We have a new coach here at MSU - Dan Mullen, offensive coordinator at Florida Gators has been named the 32nd coach of MSU. I'm still upset that Croom was forced out but I think Mullen will be good for us - time will only tell.
Bama is no longer #1 in the nation - they lost to the Fla Gators in the SEC championship so the Gators are playing in the national championship and Bama in the Sugar bowl.

Monday, December 01, 2008


First off, we lost...oh wait, that's right...we got creamed by old miss 45-0 this year! I think the Dawgs ate too much food on Thanksgiving and just couldn't play. Sadly, Brandon McRae was injured and had to have surgery due to a broken tibia.
Secondly, we lost our coach. I can't believe that Croom threw in the towel so soon, we just had our first season off probation last year as well as his first real group of his players. Yeah, we've had a rough season but coaches can only do so much, its the players that miss plays or catches not the coaches. I hope they find a coach that's as good as he is about keeping things clean and encouraging more educational values and such. Go DAWGS!!!
What happened to LSU?? They got beat by Arkansas, the team we beat the previous week?? What's up with that??
Oh, how about ROLL TIDE! Bama remains #1 in the nation and undefeated! Next up for them is the SEC championship against Fla.