Friday, May 25, 2007


Well, we're not on fire here in Starkville, Ms but we do have a lot of smoke from the fires in Fla/Ga. Made the mistake of sitting outside at lunch today because it really didn't seem so bad but I was wrong! My lungs and throat have felt like they were on fire all afternoon - it doesn't help that I have asthma. I'll be driving down to Mobile tomorrow with friends to go on our cruise to Mexico, so I reckon we'll be driving into a lot of smoke down that way - glad I refilled my asthma medicine today! You can sorta see the smoke in this picture I took this afternoon.
My new niece or nephew could be here soon - they went to the hospital last night but it was a false alarm. Guess I won't be around for the birth of this one either - when my niece was born, I was at a meeting and had to come home early so I could drive over to Birmingham, Al to see her. Check out this short video clip of her - Picture dancing. When you get to youtube, I have a few other clips of her as well.

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