Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm in the grocery store today getting a prescription filled and getting a couple others things I need. I pay for it with my credit card only it says unauthorized???!!! I know there isn't a problem as I had just used it at the Dr's office today. Then I remembered that I had a voicemail from a security company about my cc - I didn't pay much attention cause I figured it was somebody thinking I was stupid enough to punch in my number for them to get. However, it was legitimate! Somebody, somewhere, somehow got my card number and was using it today - they used it at a gas station for over $170 (must be a VERY BIG car), then on to a carwash, and an electronics store...other then the gas station, they didn't spend much. Just $10 at the carwash and $10 at the electronics store. Kinda odd if you think about it! Anyway, they closed my account after allowing me to go ahead and make my purchase at the store. I'd love to know how they got my number - I've had my card the whole time and I tear up every receipt and every piece of junk mail related to cc or bank accounts.
As my bro says, Beware the gerbils!

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