Friday, October 20, 2006


Story-hour at the library this past week was on the Civil War. I know, kinda odd for little ones but we are in the midst of a month long series of programs on the Civil war at the library and so the children joined in the fun. To get things started, the children's librarian asked the kids which football team plays in Starkville and of course they all knew the answer to that one, BULLDAWGS!! Then she asked who their rival was, who the team was they played last every year. Lots of blank stares. So she says ole miss.... One little girl piped up, McDonalds! Yep, there you have it, we play the ole miss mcdonalds! She either was hungry or likes the song old mcdonald.... I don't know about you, but thinking about it makes me hungry :)
Her point to this was that we play the ole miss Rebels and that's what she was starting story-hour talking about, Confederate Rebels.

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