Saturday, October 28, 2006

Argh!!! Not again!

Got mauled by the Wildcats 34-31 today in a duel to the end. Ky pulled an interesting ending outta their hat, never seen anything like it. There's 2 1/2 min to go in the game and Ky used it all for just 4 downs. First down - players stand with their backs to the Dawgs when another Ky player runs on the field and the yellow flag flies, 5 yd. penalty for illegal substition. Second down - they just kneel the ball. Third down - they run sideways but don't go out of bounds. Fourth down - another run that runs the clock down. The timekeeper did a crappy job keeping time at the end, cause there were 15 - 20 seconds of time the clock was running and it shouldn't have been. Oh well! Guess Ky was just scared of us and that's why they played the end like they did. Our QB out played theirs in the passing game! And what a long game it was - 3 1/2 hours! The first quarter went on for 50 min!! WoW!
heehee, old miss got beat again (although barely, 6 points between them and Auburn)!! WooHoo! Fla. barely beat Ga by a touchdown and Ala. won 38-3 over Florida International, the team that had so many players suspended due to a big fight with Miami.
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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