Saturday, October 14, 2006

At last!

WoW! Where did this team come from?? MSU 35 - Jacksonville State 3! I know, everyone should be able to beat Jacksonville State but considering our team....they beat us last year so its nice to be able to beat them again! It was homecoming (how I hate homecoming) so that made it nice! We had a crazy guy sittin in front of us that called me a rebel fan - I said he was goin down for that blasphemy!! I am NOT nor ever have been an old miss rebel fan! BITE YOUR FRIGGIN TONGUE!!! I'm just in shock - where did that offensive line come from?? I've not seen them protect the QB as well as they did today. I know Croom told them he'd rather have holding calls then have a hand laid on our QB (we're hurtin in that area right now) but WoW! what a great job they did today!! How about the start of the game? A pick and run in for a touchdown when the game was just about 20 sec. into the first quarter!! I hope we can do as well against Georgia next week at Georgia.
And speaking of Georgia - WHAT HAPPENED??? I mean to get beat by Vandy??? and at home?? Wow! They've lost 2 games in a row now - first Tenn. and now Vandy, they'll be out for revenge next week when we march into town. Looks like they'll fall in the polls, perhaps out of the polls. How about Arkansas? They're 1 spot behind Ga in the polls and they won so they'll probably go up some in the polls. I never would have guess Arkansas to have a good season like they are having so far!
Alabama and old miss are in a battle right now with about 3 min to go and they're tied!

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