Monday, September 04, 2006

More football

Ok, can you tell what I really like blogging about?? :) Auburn comes knocking on our door this Sat at 11:30 and the game is on tv again - Jefferson Pilot, I think. I know the first game of the season is the one where all the kinks are worked out but is it me or did Auburn look like they were lacking something on Saturday? They are predicted to be at the top of the polls but they struggled for most of their game and it wasn't really until halfway thru the 3rd quarter that things started working for them. I didn't really see a nationally ranked team playing there but who knows, maybe now that they got some of the kinks worked out, they'll go on to better things.
Tennessee looked pretty good as did Georgia. Kentucky got whuped good and, no surprise here, Vandy lost their game. Alabama played and beat Hawaii. The shocker came from Colorado - they got beat by a 1AA team, Montana State - what's up with that??
What do you think of the new clock rule? The clock starts running as soon as the ball is set, supposedly making the game move along at a quicker pace. I don't know what to think - here's what ESPN's Ivan Maisel says "Starting the clock at the "ready" signal is costing us some football, and that's not right. The difference in average number of plays is noticeable. Judging by opening week, NCAA records -- game, season, career, individual, team, you name it -- are much safer than they've been in years."

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