Sunday, September 10, 2006


Another game is in the books for MSU. Auburn 34 - MSU 0 - our stats were the same as against South Carolina, 11 first downs, same rushing yards, same passing yards, same score. How weird is that!!! We play Tulane this coming Saturday - Go Dawgs!
How about some of the other games? Tn. barely squeaked by Air Force 31-30 and only because the Air Force coach decided to go for 2 points (and failed) rather then the PAT at the end of the game. Georgia had a tough time against South Carolina (score doesn't tell) and won 18-0. What about Alabama? WoW! Just barely beat Vandy in the final minutes by a field goal - Bama 13 - Vandy 10. And my favorite, old miss got shredded by Missouri 34-7. Awesome! LSU, Florida, and Kentucky won their games.
Once again, the loyal BullDawg fans left the game with a full quarter to go - guess they wanted to let the few people without tickets have their seats to watch a little football!

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