Monday, September 25, 2006


I hope that we can carry the momentum of our first win this season and our first road win in over 15 road games with us to LSU this weekend. We'll definitely need every ounce of that momentum to help us thru this game. LSU is always tough but especially at LSU.
For some reason, this season we don't have an off week until Nov. - quite a few teams have already experienced off weeks and yet we have to struggle on without a break till Nov. and by then, the season is nearly over. That makes no sense to me, especially in light of the tough schedule we have this year. Our first 2 games were SEC games (S.C. and Auburn) and then 2 non-conference (Tulane and UAB) and then to LSU at LSU and then home to play West Virginia. We'll also play Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas, Jacksonville State (non-conference) and of course, our in-state rivals old miss. That's 8 SEC games out of a possible 11 (there's 12 total teams including us) and the SEC is known for being the toughest conference to play. Who can argue that we have a tough schedule and one without a break until Nov. 11? At that point we'll have just 2 games left, Arkansas and old miss.
I must say something about 1 other game - what on earth happened to Alabama and their kicking game? They got beat by Arkansas by 1 point!! What's up with that??

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