Sunday, November 23, 2008


We finally beat Arkansas!! GO DAWGS!!! They've beat us the last 9 years in a row but the streak ended yesterday with the end result 31-28. Arkansas threatened to send it into overtime - with less then a minute to go, they scored a TD and then kicked an on-side kick and actually recovered it. They moved the ball down to within field goal range and with 4 seconds left on the clock, kicked and MISSED and field goal. It would have sent the game into OT but thankfully, they missed. It was pretty cold outside yesterday and as they set up for the field goal, I thought back to another Arkansas game that went into OT and it was sleeting out at that point. Thankfully it wasn't cold enough to sleet but it felt like it! I was impressed that our fans actually stayed for the whole game but never have I seen a stadium clear out after a game so fast as I saw yesterday! I think everyone made a beeline for heaters to thaw out - sad thing was, it was just 49 degrees out but the wind and the evening sky made it feel soooo much colder. Next up...that other team 93 miles north of us that shall remain nameless but who we hope to beat every single year - GO DAWGS GO beat them rebels!!
What happened to LSU?? Those same rebels we face this week beat LSU 38-13 and this after LSU made a great comeback against Troy last week. I think the eye of the Tiger has closed for the year!
Will Alabama remain #1 after this coming week's game? Auburn has beat them the last 6 years but they aren't playing so well this year. Will they be able to pull an upset and knock off the #1 team in the nation? Time will tell soon...

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