Thursday, November 06, 2008


I'm so very very unhappy with my Dawgs right now - I don't understand how we could show so much improvement last season and go to a bowl game and this season just bomb. I get tired of the coaches saying how well we executed this that and the other - just admit that the team played poorly and fix it! This weekend we have a bye week but next week we have to roll into Bryant Stadium and face the current #1 team in the nation, Alabama. We have beaten them the past 2 years and it would be nice to do so again but I just can't see how we can do so with the way we've played this year. Granted, most of our games were either close or improvements (score wise) over last season but still.... I will continue to cheer on my Dawgs - I don't give up on them, even when I'm frustrated. GO DAWGS!!

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