Thursday, August 31, 2006

Some good football

Well, our first game is in the books - a 15-0 loss to South Carolina. Did you catch that score?? 15-0 - yeah, I know, its a shut out but a low scoring shutout. That means something worked better tonight and boy did it! I get so sick of people who say they are die-hard MSU Bulldog fans but leave the game early and gripe about how awful they play and totally ignore the good things, the improvements. Yes, our offense needs a lot of work but they also showed some improvement tonight - I saw quite a few awesome blocks take place (and a few that should have taken place but didn't). I saw some great runs for yardage. Our sophmore QB was injured, so the freshman backup came in. Notice that for a second - our starting QB is just a sophmore, not much experience there and his backup is a freshman and not just a freshman but a redshirt freshman. No experience in that department! There's nothing for them to be ashamed of, they are a young team that is working together more then teams in recent years. The defense you ask? Awesome! They did almost everything right! I think as the season goes on, everything will fall into place and we'll end with a winning season, maybe by just 1 game but still, a winning season. I just wish those die-hard fans would prove they are die-hard fans and stay till the end and start actually watching the game and see those improvements and quite griping about all the mistakes, no one is perfect!

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