Thursday, August 10, 2006

Player Croom??

MSU Head Football Coach, Sylvester Croom appeared at practice yesterday in pads, helmet, and Red Cross jersey. He said “I missed both practices yesterday so it's like all the rest of players, if you miss practice you have to wear a red cross,” said Croom. “I didn't tell anybody but Brad (Pendergrass). I was surprised I was able to get out there and walk around the field for so long and nobody knew who I was, so I must have looked good.” (SDN) Coach Croom missed practice on Tuesday to have a tooth pulled and decided to shake things up a bit at practice by donning the jersey, pads, and helmet. After running a couple of plays, the coach removed the equipment and it was business as usual. MSU BullDogs open the season in 21 days against South Carolina. GO DAWGS!!!!

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