Thursday, January 05, 2006

WoW oh WoW oh WoW

What a game that was! I'm talking about Tx Longhorns and USC Trojans. This was hyped to be a big game and a big game it was. I'd been doing good about not staying up late to watch the whole game of some of the bowl games but this was one time I watched the whole thing. WoW! I was pulling for Tx while most all commentators and such said USC would win and win big - boy were they ever wrong! Vince Young just marched on the field determined to win the day and win it he did! This was a battle all the way to the end - punts were exchanged and touchdowns were fought for and won. In the end, USC just didn't have what it took to win the game and their 34 game win streak was snapped - HOOK 'EM HORNS!! Final score 41-38 - 'nuff said! :) I have to say what a class act Mack Brown of Tx is - in accepting the trophy he said something along the lines of All the players, coaches, and fans should show their recognition to the great job USC has done in the past years and give them credit for a hard fought game - the stadium exploded in applause. BUT USC was not as kind. The coach acted as though he was giving credit where credit was due but the players had nothing good to say. Matt Leinart even went so far as to say they were still the best team but that the plays all went Tx' way. I heard not one good comment about Tx from any of the USC players - I realize that they just lost but come on, show some good sportsmanship and say Something good about your opponent.
Well, other bowl game news - the SEC finished 3-3. Alabama, Florida, and LSU won their games while South Carolina, Georgia, and Auburn lost theirs. I was really disappointed that Ga. lost as they are the team I pull for in the SEC East.
I'm sad now as football season is truly over - I know there's still the NFL and I do watch that from time to time but I'm not as into professional football as I am college ball. Only 7 or 8 months till football season

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