Sunday, December 12, 2010

Start! The Bible for new believers - Booksneeze

General editor Greg Laurie. This is a New King James version of the Bible for new believers or those wanting a 'refresher'. It starts off with a plan of salvation and then continues with secrets to spiritual success. This section goes in-depth as to the meaning of various Christian topics (secrets) such as why the Bible is important for spiritual growth and success (gives direction, gives spiritual food, gives us wisdom...) or that we need to have an active prayer life.
Then you get to the Bible itself and each book starts off with an introduction telling a bit about the book and its background. Most pages have know or grow section at the bottom that gives a bit more detail into certain verses that will help you learn and grow. Gen. 1:1 is a know section and starts off "In the beginning God." If you eliminate God, you have a big problem. And goes on to discuss this idea a bit further. Each of these sections also point you to other pages for more information on this idea. Intermingled on some of the pages is a small, grey box that says learn and this section points out a bit of factual info for you to learn such as Gen. 1:27-28 Man was created uniquely in the image of God, with a combination of that which is low and that which is high. And then it develops this idea further and points to another page for more info.
All in all, its like a study Bible geared toward leading new Christians to information that will help them grow spiritually.

Got my copy thru the Book-Sneeze program of Thomas Nelson.

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