Monday, September 29, 2008


So, what did you think of this weekend in football?? Look at all the upsets that occurred.... I guess the 2 that surprised me (SEC games are what I keep up with most) were Ole Miss beating #4 Fla. at The Swamp by 1 pt. and #8 Bama beating #3 Ga. between the hedges 41-30. Guess Bama's coach is finally starting to prove he's worth his money. I hate seeing Ga. lose to Bama - Ga. is my team in the east. How about the match-up in the west between my Dawgs and LSU? Last year, we lost to LSU 45-0. This year we lost 34-24. Our offense played much better this week under the leadership of Tyson Lee - hope he has more time as QB. Our defense had a hard time holding Charles Scott of LSU to short or no gains - he chewed up the yardage! What do you think of Vandy being 5 and 0 now? I just heard that ESPN gameday is going to be broadcasting from the game between Vandy and Auburn and it's the first time Vandy has had gameday broadcast at home.

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