Sunday, October 14, 2007

They were just a bit too tough

MSU couldn't quite hang on with Tenn. but did a GREAT job trying!! Tn really had a tough time keeping ahead of us during this game but in the end, the score is all that matters (unfortunately)! The fans stayed in the game throughout the majority of the game but one thing fans did that was WRONG....they should NEVER have booed one of our players. When Michael Henig came out to play for the injured Wesley Carroll (who had a concussion), State fans booed him. For crying out loud....he's playing with a broken hand, cut him some slack!! He didn't expect to play against Tenn. but somebody had to go in for Carroll. I noticed that he played without his protective glove on so his hand was probably even more sore and swollen then had he worn his glove. I say, cheer on the Dawgs no matter what!!! I do grumble when players make bad plays or don't play as well as I think they should but I NEVER boo a player (at least our players). GO DAWGS!!!
How about the LSU/KY game? WoW! Thought LSU was going to go the entire year without getting beat but KY was just too tough for them to handle!

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