Sunday, December 03, 2006

SEC Championship

WoW! Arkansas hung in there with Florida really well and made it an interesting game to watch. But, as we all expected, Florida was able to beat Arkansas - 38 -28. Not only that, thanks to USC losing their game, Fl. has moved to the #2 spot in the coaches poll and the AP poll and now everyone in the state of Fl. is holding their breath for the BCS poll to be released at 8 est. Fl. might have found themselved playing the in that NATIONAL championship game! A report in the Los Angeles Times, citing a BCS source, said that Florida will indeed be the No. 2 team in the final BCS standings that will be officially announced later Sunday. (ESPN)
Ok, this is funny - Urban Meyer (coach Fl) said right after halftime yesterday that he knew nothing about the USC loss and that nothing had been said in the locker room. No one believed him and with good reason. ESPN - "It was firing through the locker room pretty quick," Meyer said.
Wassup with that Meyer???? You're contradicting yourself there!

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