Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tough one

#5Arkansas wins 28-14 and clinches the SEC West :( BUT our defense played AWESOME!!! And we did something that most teams couldn't - we controlled #5 Darren McFadden. He only gained 84 yards and most of that was in the last 8 min or so of the game. He's averaged 100 yards+ per game up till now. It was the turnovers that got us - we got intercepted twice. We out played Arkansas in EVERY way - our stats are way better then theirs but the turnovers did us in in the end. We had more yardage, more first downs, more 3rd conversions, every stat was better but it wasn't enough!
Next week, old miss! They've done just as a good a job this season as we have and are sharing the space at the bottom of the SEC with us.
Beware the thumb!! Auburn lived up to that prediction and beat Bama today in the big rivalry game, the Iron Bowl. Bama just hasn't had a good team in several years now.
On the lighter side - during each game, Bellsouth sponsors a trivia question of the game. Today's question referred to our win over Arkansas to win the SEC West (sound familiar?) and it was asking something about the QB and the answer was Wayne Madkin. Well, who were they asking the question of?? Wayne Madkin. He answered simply, I reckon that was me! :)

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