Saturday, December 03, 2005

Merry Christmas??

So why is it that there are stores that are banning the use of the phrase Merry Christmas from their stores? If they are worried about the use of Christmas then why do they continually sell Christmas items in the store rather then holiday items. They still have Christmas trees, Christmas cards, Christmas music, and so on. Are they afraid that the small percantage of the population who are from other religious persuasions are all of a sudden offended by the phrase Merry Christmas (that which has been used for eons without any complaint) and so are banning it in favor of Happy Holidays so as to be more inclusive of our fellow neighbors? Uh oh, I guess that means we should declard Dec. 24th and 25th as Happy Holiday day/eve instead of Christmas day/eve and no more Christmas presents, they are now to be called holiday gifts. Hmmm....and how will the music industry respond? Will all the songs with the word Christmas in them have to be re-written and use a less offensive term now? I can't imagine such songs as Oh Holiday Tree Oh Holiday Tree or how about I'm dreaming of a white Holiday or We wish you a happy Holiday or even the 12 days of Holiday. Kinda ridiculous, don't you think?? You can't take CHRIST out of CHRISTmas but they sure are trying....


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