Sunday, October 16, 2005

I'm in tv heaven *spoiler*

Walker Texas Ranger returned tonight in a 2 hour movie bringing together most of the original cast of the original series! This movie showed Walker and Gage up against Koreans trying to retrieve a missile guidance system that has fallen into the hands of a 13 year old. Trevette is off teaching CIA recruits, so his appearance in the movie is all of 2 minutes. Syd is totally not in the picture and Alex is in it off and on. Speaking of Alex, Is she dead?? I mean, cliffhangers in the tv series is one thing but to do it in a movie??? I sure hope the rumours are true and that there is at least going to be another movie to tell us whether Alex dies and leaves Walker to be a widower with a child or whether she lives to tell the tale (another quarter inch and I'd be a goner). Their daughter was in the movie about 5 min and then wasn't shown again. This movie was great but is it just me or is Walker starting to show his age a bit? He gets his butt kicked and actually uses his gun on a couple of occassions to shoot a bad guy rather then beat him to a pulp - guess we have to cut him some slack, he is 65 years old, after all.... The other rumour on the net is that they are considering bringing the series back to the tv screen - I say WE WANT WALKER!!!

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